Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pushing it to the limit!

Assalam all...salam ukhuwwah!

Doing it best beyond boundaries with the will of Allah!

Live well to benefit others! Be meaningful be rightful and be passion of making ourselves changed, and making change to others!

I have come to know that people come to our life for a reason....who knows what the reason is...or what are they! But we can always pray for good!

We learn not from ourselves in most of our life....but we learn from others....good or bad! We still learn!

If everyone of us change for a good...on themselves....the world will change by itself!


Give voice to the voiceless!
Give food to the foodless!
Give hope to the hopeless!
Give future to the futureless!
Give help to the helpless!
Give salam to the salamless!
Give life to the lifeless!
Give guide to the guideless!
Give friendship to the enemy!
Give heart to the heartless!

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