Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aren't we matured/wise enough?

Assalam all...

It is time that we Muslim in Malaysia be united in the forefront of attacks on our 'aqidah' or belief....let us be united.

Forget about politically driven statement as it is compounded with lies and truths mixing each other, as one interest is protected against the other, as freedom of speech and voicing out has derailed the people into lane of uncertainty, confuse and hatred. I do admit that we are in the skeleton of democracy....remember that Islam is democracy but democracy is not necessarily long that we are in the system of democracy as it is today, it will brings to no end of hurling each other, antagonism, 'i am right you are wrong' attitude...we can work in the same system provided that we are wise enough to understand the importance of unity, understanding each other and rule of law according to choice we have. The use of our own created legislation has damaged and ruin the unity process of the Muslim ummah, the draconian laws belief to be resulted from the premise of Machiavelli - 'end justifies means' , meant to protect own interest in the name of national interest is unacceptable, however to fight for it and drive people against it and use religions as means to gather support is unjustifiable as well.....we are each other in conflicts all the time! What a waste?

Aren't we brothers in Islam? we should make peace to each other and come to terms...but democracy is the stumbling blocks towards unity even though some people believe that it is a mean to change the government.....each party would of course protect their own interest and promote theirs....their fights and the end we must be worried that we deprived the rakyat! We must be matured enough! Aren't we???

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