Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We are but we are not!

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.....

Dear all, after long delay, quite time, I managed to relinquish myself, sitting there and give myself a thought. Suddenly, one of my friend from which we studied together, have this to share.......PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW and PONDER over it many times....


After reading the article, tell me.......

How many times do we think and ask ourselves why do these things happen to us today? When we are going to be better and good. A lot of hypocrisy here and there. We say we are Muslim, but we don't act like one. We hate each other, we don't love and be kind to each other, yet we become friend because you are on my side, if otherwise, in any second you are parting with me just because you no longer be by my side, we tend to hate that person of such kind.

Someone from Whatsapp conversation had this to say when I said, "we need to be positive all the time even to those OTHERS who become negative to us". He said, it is difficult to do such thing!! It is crazy to act like one! I said to him " If we become and react negatively, don't you think we are also like OTHERS who act and think negatively, don't you think we are similar to OTHERS"....he finally nodded!

Remember, it was Umar alKhattab r.a who fiercely against our Prophet pbuh, and it was him who hit her sister just because her sister became Muslim.....and finally he was the one who glorify Islam during his era as Caliph and before that. He embraced Islam peacefully and Prophet pbuh never judged him of his previous acts.

Remember also, it was Khalid alWalid who killed the muslims during Uhud War and yet when he embraced Islam, he was the one who won the many battle in Islam until he was called as "Saifullah".......The Sword of Allah! Islam became strong because of Khalid alWalid r.a.