Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Assalam all....

I have been trying to analyze very hard...trying to justify whatever reasons available, referring several resources and the saying of the Prophets....his Sunnah and whatever said by HIM in his Holy Book. I would like to humbly said to my dear brothers and sisters...don't get yourself being fooled or your leaders being fooled by bigger planners of this so called BERSIH demonstrations.

I don't go against you when your objectives and motives of your BERSIH planned marching is concerned on the 9th of July, I just against the way it is done. There are many other ways to do it, we are not in fact, exhaustive of options!! Realistically and logically the explanations are very well reasoned by Sheikh Khalid Yassin...(sorry his speech and answer triggered my conscience....I am still in the process of knowing him further...however his justifications are rightfully accepted by myself). Hopefully your conscience and reasoning would be very much determined and confirmed after seeing and hearing this video. Please enjoy it!! and decide your position on this matter!!! 

I do understand the your motives and intentions, for whatever reasons, I might be seen as against you when saying this and supporting the other party....believe me, I reason whatever I plan to do. I don't judge thing on the basis of support or bias. All these while, I agree some and I disagree some in relations to your fights, similarly, I agree some and against some with the present government. Into this, I should say, government should hear, take seriously and make necessary adjustment of the present structure with regard to the demands of the BERSIH 2.0 .....the Government must be fair and be looked as fair enough. Say for example, make an announcement, declare something, saying that, the Government is considering for the revamp!! As simple as that.
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