Saturday, October 1, 2011

after some times!

Assalam all...

It has been long enough, after some times did I manage to write down something I was kept busy doing some academically challenging works of writings and paperworks for completion. It seems that time is not on my side. Please do excuse and apologize me for that.

I met few old friends in several occasion. One is a successful entrepreneur in Sabak Bernam as farmer! Having manage substantial acres of land in Sabak Bernam, he is successful now, living generously in a village. I am happy for him and wish him best luck. The other one is a successful entrepreneur in printing and publishing industry, running here and there managing a family business. What a wonderful meeting with him. I pray best of luck to Allah for them all.

Then, I was fully occupied last week of juggling between my works and arranging my mum follow up appointment and consultation with her doctor at IJN. Fetching her and my dad from 'kampung', brought them here, sent my mum to IJN and brought them back to 'kampung' the other day. I was satisfied, as much as possible, I would try my best for my mum and dad. May Allah bless them in this world and hereafter......
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