Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will there be real change..or mere rhetoric.

UMNO must do real change, real transformation and real reform. Failure to address pending issues will only degenerate UMNO as a party of burden to Malays. UMNO must address hard on corrupt practices, corruption and money politics. At the same time, UMNO must look into unresolved issues that concern a lot with rakyat.

UMNO must be fair and looked fair by others; members and rakyat. UMNO must act strongly on the malaise of the Malays as well as other races. This is to be balanced. As such, for example, if UMNO is serious enough, to address social ills, then UMNO must recommend strong policy changes on the source of the ills; drugs, negative cultures etc. And if UMNO is really on the issue of Bahasa Melayu, it must make it hard enough, it must have firm stands on the issue and urge Govt to stick to Bahasa Melayu policy,not mere lip services.
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