Sunday, October 18, 2009

Greatest gift......

We human loves to receive gift...anyone dislikes gift? we appreciate the gift received from anybody, from friends, relatives, children and wife. we even keep it safely. More so when we receive gift from the Almighty Allah. His greatest gift...ISLAM. It is the greatest gift of all because it saves us from the hell fire. This gift is not an ordinary gift as it is also a blessing from Allah since we are now the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad. This is truly perfected in the verse of Allah in al-Maidah: 3;

'Today, I have perfected your Din (way of life) for you, and I have completed my blessing upon you, and I have willed that Islam be the way for you'

Therefore, don't you think that we must appreciate the gift from Allah; ISLAM? Of course, we must be very grateful and must show our gratefulness by rendering HIS due..otherwise, we are ungrateful to His gift. Since Allah has enlightened our life with blessing of Iman and Islam in our heart, and becoming the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad saw, there is no other way except showing our gratitude to Him. It must begins with us, ourselves becoming totally committed followers of the Prophet Muhammad saw. We must become true Muslim, and not the ordinary perception as today where, we take what we want to do from the teachings of Islam and left out other teachings that we do not want to do. Dear brothers and sisters, please do not fool yourselves by taking what you like and omitting what you do not like in Islam. Please enter Islam totally and never becomes like others who take Islam for granted.

Why we always take Islam for granted? because most of us today especially in Malaysia, is a Muslim by virtue of being born in a Muslim family, our father and mother are Muslim, our fore fathers and fore mothers are Muslim, our relatives are Muslim. It is true enough to say that, we are not become Muslim just because we are born in a Muslim family? because we are sons and grandson of a Muslim. What happen if we are born in a Muslim family but never practice the teaching of Islam, are we Muslim? or we are just Muslim by names?

Are we not simply the same with other non-Muslim, born in a family and never practice the teaching of Islam, we do not perform prayer, never perform alms-giving, never perform fasting in the month of Ramadhan, never perform Hajj... don't you think that we are just like other non-Muslim, we are like Buddhist, Hindus, Christian, Jews and others.....think about it!  We are not truly a Muslim by virtue of being born in a Muslim family, or belong to some races...because a truly Muslim is not recognized by his background, by his birthright, by his race, country, place rather it is recognized based on his belief or Iman to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad saw. This belief leads individual Muslims to perform whatever the teachings of Islam. And this is the only things differentiating us Muslims from non-Muslims.
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