Sunday, October 18, 2009

Think straight....for change

In the Quran, Allah said;

"Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves" Ar Ra'd: 11

The verse above is the revelation from Allah, indicating the law of change in the life of a mankind. Based on the law of change, our life, our conditions, our wealth, our hardships, will never change unless we ourselves do make the changes. Then things will get better. It is true enough that everything has already stated earlier by Allah through the principle of 'Taqdir' however, one must remember that in the making of something, in the process of one thing to happen, Allah has always made the 'cause' of thing to occur before something can happen. As human being, we must understand this law of change in order for us to overcome the feeling of anxiety, uneasiness, fear, worry or hardships. One will never escape from those feelings unless one is still remaining in the same old condition like before, one is not willing to change, one remain in the same pattern of thinking and behavior as well as attitude. One needs to find, in his capacity a way out of the old conditions, of fear and worry, of poverty aand hardship. But how to go about it?

In order to pursue change, and make change a oneself journey, first change your thinking...think straight, think positive, move your thought all the time from negative element and fill it with positive element, make your thinking a dynamic activity by being creative to solve problems and find solutions. Never fill your thought with sad things, sad stories, negative thoughts or bad thoughts about other people or about your own life. Fill your thought with positive element by enjoying your life...put the feeling of happiness about life, enjoy your life and live life to the fullest. Whenever you feel that you have such a heavy burden in life, put a stop and think back...say it hard to your self, say it many times 'I have to enjoy my life, in order to enjoy my life I have to perform these, my jobs and responsibility, and by doing this I am enjoying my life'.
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