Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When intellectual perishes, the fools will become leaders....

I have quite sometimes tried to say and give some thoughts on the above statement made by Prof. Syed Naquib Al Attas in his course against corruption. His statement have had some impacts on the current political scenario of today in Malaysia..the Bagan Pinang by elections have shed some surprising results and implications. The convicted candidate of corruption have won by substantial majority against the PAS candidate. Even though he have served the punishment or whatsoever, this has yet to give clear indication to the practices of corruption in UMNO for the people and UMNO members. Thanks to the grass root support of the people of Bagan Pinang. Congratulations to the candidate.

I am pretty much worried of the future of UMNO since the Bagan Pinang by elections have implied the impending problems of corruption in UMNO. I am not questioning of the win but the impact that brought together with the win.

Firstly, the continuing efforts to curb and diminish corrupt practices in UMNO and in Government have been put to a halt because of the selection of ex-convict corrupt leader. The win also put in place the indifference of the Government policies and initiatives towards corruption and corrupt practices. It implies that people have the forgiving thinking of the corrupt practices in UMNO. People easily forgive and forget to the extend that they put the trust back to such leaders.

There a lot of questions in mind. What happen to the strong voices against corruption in UMNO. What happen to the concerted efforts made to revamp UMNO in order to demolish corrupt practices. More so in the Government administration? Is it merely a lip service all this while? Is it only for the sake of protecting own position? How do we expect to win back the heart of those people and rakyat. More damages are done than the win itself. The win only put UMNO in a short term complacency but long term societal mess and hiccups.

Integrity and accountability of the leaders are put into questions by the people. It is true enough to say that, there is an emerging deterioration of thought and intellectual in the Malay society and UMNO members. UMNO must be bold enough and brave enough to drive change and this change must take place. The change that is felt by the people and rakyat, then only UMNO will win back the support that it has enjoyed over the years. The change that is true enough...if not I am pretty much worried that in the next general election UMNO will go for worst than the existing result.
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