Sunday, January 16, 2011

old ways....replicated

Assalam and dear all...

The approach of retaining ex-service man and putting them to GLCs...while letting them stay for very long time in devastating? Indeed!!! TS Yusof Noor as Felda Adviser after many years of Felda Chairman....TS Isa Samad as the new faces but old ways? Could be? Can we expect new transformation in Felda???or it is a measure to maintain the status quo?? (bear in mind that these people and many others...have operated under the same institutions that supported the old ways)

The same drill is replicated in many other areas. GLCs are peopled by persons who should retire and step aside for real operators. The 'wrong' is that these people operate under the same institutions that supported the old ways. So, transformation can't really occur if these people, however bright and industrious they are, are using the same tools as before. it is the same old power structure that cannot respond rapidly to the needs of the people but protecting the interest of the elites..they may have proven to be "incompetent and corrupt".
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