Saturday, September 5, 2009

We are not what we are today today if......

In the course of our life...we are greatly influenced by the people around us. Our mind and thinking are shaped by whom we are interacting with. Not limited to that, those grown up years greatly influenced by the mind of our parents, our former great teachers whom from the very beginning tirelessly taught us values of life in someways or another.

We are linked to each other from the very beginning...from grown up years until today...we unrealizingly bring together their aspirations and thoughts....who we are and what we are today and where we are going in our life is greatly shaped by those people around us. Therefore, we should be thankful to Allah and to them for making our life colorful, meaningful and successful. We are nowhere if it not because of them. We are nobody today if not because of them. We are useless if we break the link between us and those people who brought us up, who have in some manner contribute to the our self development or even our life. Thank you dad, thank you mom and thank you teachers wherever you are now. May Allah bless u, may Allah lead you always in the right path, may Allah forgive u and may Allah listen your prayers.
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