Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh muda mudi ku....kemana kalian mahu pergi!!

Monday September 14, 2009 - The STAR

Malay youths drink beer during Ramadan

THE holy month of Ramadan has not stopped some Malay youths from drinking beer and watching table-top dancing by bikini-clad women at a club in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night. An invite to the party - with the theme Bikini In The City - was posted on the social networking site Facebook and it managed to lure 202 people, who confirmed their attendance via the Internet. According to the Metro Ahad’s reporter, who went undercover, five bikini-clad women climbed onto the tables at 11.50pm and started dancing suggestively to cheers from the audience. The club’s disc jockey then asked three women and a man from among the audience to climb onto the tables for a “seduction” contest. The woman, judged the most seductive according to the volume of cheers from the crowds, won RM150. A club patron, known only as Man, said he immediately signed up for the event via Facebook when he learnt about it because it was difficult to watch such performances in Kuala Lumpur. “Of course, I had fun. I get to drink beer while watching bikini-clad women performing sexy dances,” he said. Another patron, an executive called Zam, said it would have been more fun if other women beside the dancers had worn bikinis to the party.

Maluuu....ish ish ishk
Apa nak jadi dan apa sudah jadi.......?

Dimana jatidiri dimana integriti?
Dimana pegangan agama?

Berita ni dilaporkan oleh KOSMO Ahad 13/09/09 dan dilapor semula oleh The STAR kerana ada nilai berita...ada orang sedang bertepuk tangan gembira..mereka gembira melihat muda mudi kita runtuh.

Ish ish....
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