Thursday, November 12, 2015

A moment to ponder....

Dear all blog readers...

Have we ever asked how many times do we stop a moment and ponder...

Keep ourselves apart from our gadjets,
Disconnect a while,
Just a moment,
Pondering about life,
Cease your anger,
Diminish your dissatisfaction,
And empty your mind...

Look into yourself
And ponder...
Notice what comes in...
Ask why that thing comes in...

Because it is there
Haunting you day and night
Your feeling and your thinking
That is what you are...

Think again
Disconnect totally
Ask deep
Think deep
What actually comes in...
Just a second
You will know
What matters most
In life and in your mind

Is it about you
Or about others
Or about all those things around you
Or about life after death...

Allah told us to ponder about death
Then only everything else is meaningless
See to the sky
From the angle of you in the grave
Imagine you can see the sky from your grave
It shines outside
Dark inside
Alone and lonely
Your new home
No companion
Nothing else
You and you
It is all about you


What is next?
After your grave is covered
You are left alone
In the dark
Nothing else matters
Your deeds are the only things come back to you
Not your wealth
Not your love
Not your sport car
Nothing at all
Just you and your deeds....

Do you have your deeds now? Ponder over it....

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